By Francesca Chambers


  • The White House isn't ruling out the possibility of Clinton receiving a last-minute pardon from President Obama
  • White House deflected a question about President-elect Donald Trump’s intent to appoint a special prosecutor to review Clinton’s emails 
  • Said the White House doesn’t announce pardons before they’re doled out
  • Coming up with a pardon that would cover all of the various charges Trump’s administration could throw at her could prove difficult 
  • Clemency declaration would have to be worded such that it protects her from prosecution for potential violations tied to the Clinton Foundation 
  • Clinton has not been charged with a crime and the FBI investigation is over into her private email server


The White House opened the door on Wednesday to a pardon for Hillary Clinton for crimes she may have committed in connection with her secret server.

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Unprecedented attack by serving US President claims UK was 'distracted'

Barack Obama has sharply criticised David Cameron for the UK’s role in allowing Libya to become a “shit show” after the fall of the dictator Muammar Gaddafi, in an unprecedented attack on a British leader by a serving US President.  

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