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Failed Society

Failed Society

The Suicide of Venezuela
26 April
Published in: Global
I never expected to witness the slow suicide of a country, a civilization. I suppose nobody does. Let me tell…
Low-income children have irregular brain development and lower standardized test scores, with as much as an estimated 20 percent gap in achievement explained by developmental lags in the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain. Credit: © Phils Photography / Fotolia
22 July
Published in: Failed Society
An alarming 22 percent of U.S. children live in poverty, which can have long-lasting negative consequences on brain development, emotional…
Protesters in Istanbul after the murder of 20-year-old student Özgecan Aslan in February. Photograph: Sedat Suna/EPA/Corbis
06 March
Published in: Failed Society
Equality of the most basic kind cannot exist when a woman’s life and her words are always worth less than…
This Norwegian Preteen Is 'Marrying' A 37-Year-Old For One Important Reason
11 October
Published in: Failed Society
Thea is 12 years old. She's a seventh-grader at her school in Norway, and she loves riding horses and listening…

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